PanMed Energy offers a platform for the optimal leveraging of international, regional and local expertise in technology, financing and management to explore renewable energy potentials and promote energy efficiency and conservation.  Our headquarters in Amman, Jordan facilitates cooperation among our tight-knit team members, expert consultants, partners and counterparts in Jordan and the region.

As an infrastructure developer, PanMed Energy focuses on renewable energy plants to harness solar and wind power for Jordan and its neighbors. New projects in Jordan are under development, to be announced soon.

We also look for ways in which new or existing local industries could be involved in manufacturing parts of specialized components for solar and wind technologies.

As a project developer, PanMed Energy advises international consortia wishing to access Jordan and the region. We package projects and lead all the necessary work streams including legal, regulatory, financial and technical aspects, to assess each project’s feasibility and to ensure its successful execution.  Our deep knowledge of the Jordanian and regional markets and our strong connections with industrial, political and financial decision makers allow us to advance projects in the most timely and effective manner and to deliver reliable feasibility studies and risk assessments on their technical, legal, financial, economical, social and environmental aspects .

In selected cases, PanMed Energy may sometimes act as a project co-operator. As an energy services provider, PanMed Energy helps clients reduce energy waste in existing buildings/operations and can design new, more energy-efficient buildings.

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