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As the Founder & CEO of PanMed Energy, I am proud to introduce you to our vibrant new company. Energy is the sector of the future. We embark on this strategic venture as Jordan, the region and the world struggle with crippling energy costs and insecure energy supplies.   The United Nations projects that energy consumption will rise by 40% over the next two decades, mostly in developing countries, where 3 billion people still rely on traditional biomass fuels for basic household needs and new industries are hungry for more energy.

Energy problems transcend borders. Jordan imports 97% of its energy; dependency on external energy sources hampers planning and the economic growth Jordanians need to prosper. Harnessing our plentiful natural energy sources – sun and wind – can help ensure Jordan’s own energy security and power its future.  As we retrofit the energy sector at home, we can help ensure global sustainability by participating in innovative integrated power grids that will reduce energy poverty and improve energy access for all.

We launched this venture on the cusp of dramatic change, to support the socio-economic development of Jordan.  Taking the lead in renewable energy and caring about environmental protection have already engaged PanMed Energy in international projects that position Jordan to benefit from and contribute to the energy economy of the future.

Exploring new sources of energy is one part of the solution to Jordan’s energy deficit and environmental concerns.  Wasted energy is an ongoing problem that we cannot afford, and must not, ignore. PanMed Energy will contribute to promoting awareness and use of best international practices in energy conservation and energy efficiency among the public, industry and other institutions.

As part of our “green” corporate culture, we also support environmental initiatives, such as Al Shajara, The Society for the Protection of Trees, to conserve other precious natural resources.    

PanMed Energy seeks to play a leading role in Jordan, in our region and in the global clean energy revolution. We share only one world, one planet. Let’s join hands to transcend boundaries, sectors and problems.  We aspire to make affordable renewable energy available to all and to inspire a new generation of young researchers, technicians and entrepreneurs that will ensure a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future for all of us.

Shermine Dajani, Founder and CEO

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