PanMed Energy, LLC & PanMed Trading & Investment (PMTI), are Jordanian companies with roots stretching deep into some of the country’s earliest and most respected commercial, industrial and energy projects.

Registered in 2011, PanMed Energy, LLC applies its technical, financial, and managerial resources to address the challenges of developing renewable energy plants to help meet Jordan’s urgent domestic needs and eventually, export electricity to the greater Mediterranean grid.

PanMed Energy, LLC is  a founding shareholder in the French-based company, Medgrid, PanMed Energy is conducting a feasibility study for the east corridor of the Mediterranean grid for 2020, creating a more integrated electricity grid between Europe and the MENA region, leading to concrete investment projects.

In addition to our role as infrastructure developer, PanMed Energy, LLC serves as a project developer and adviser to international groups seeking to enter Jordan and the region on various projects in energy.  We also offer energy efficiency services to Jordanian clients to relieve the high costs and shortages that challenge their profitability.

Company Roots

PanMed Energy’s corporate family tree dates back to 1921 when Wafa Dajani & Company, one of the oldest companies in Jordan, was established.

Wafa Dajani & Company

Wafa Dajani & Co. enjoys a rich history of industry “Firsts” and an entrepreneurial spirit that is second to none.  

Mr. Wafa Dajani, Founder of Wafa Dajani & Co. is the grandfather of Shermine Dajani, PanMed Energy's Founder & CEO.

Wafa Dajani & Co. co-founded many of Jordan’s earliest major companies, including the first national airline, the electricity company and the phosphate company. Fuerthermore, Wafa Dajani & Co. represented or partnered with such major multi-nationals as Dunlop, General Electric, Westinghouse, NCR and Johnson & Johnson. 

Group members also founded the Bank of Jordan, Jordan Duty Free Shops and aviation ventures, including Arab Airways (Air Jordan and Middle East Airlines). Wafa Dajani & Company remains the oldest agent of Mobil Oil in the world.

International Trading & Development Company (ITDC)

A later branch of the Wafa Dajani & Co. corporate family tree, International Trading & Development Company (ITDC) a Jordanian company established in 1969.

Mr. Subhi Dajani, founder of (ITDC), is the father of Shermine Dajani, PanMed Energy's Founder & CEO. (ITDC) represented or participated in joint ventures with other internationally renowned companies, including firms specializing in the energy sector, such as Alstom, Peat Marwick Mitchell, Kuljian, Schneider Electric, GTE and El Paso Energy.  Among its successful large projects were a broadcasting station in Ajloun, three power plants and a gas turbine station  in Zarka, a Hittieh-Aqaba railway track, a 132- km highway along the Dead Sea and an iron foundry in Irbid. 

PanMed Trading & Investment, Ltd. (PMTI)

A Jordanian company founded by Shermine Dajani in 2008, PanMed Trading & Investment (PMTI) is the holding company of PanMed Energy, LLC. Originally the company was established to offer consultancy services to blue chip European firms seeking to enter the Jordanian market.  As Jordan faced a deepening energy supply and cost crisis, PMTI adapted its activities to cover infrastructure development specialized in the renewable energy sector. 

PanMed Trading & Investment developed excellent working network in the energy sector through its subcontract with Belgian company Tractebel Engineering,Belgium (owned by GDF Suez/France) on the Arab Gas Pipeline project and while investigating feasible sites for a proposed nuclear energy plant in Jordan.  

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