Launched in July 2010, Medgrid is a French-based company with 20 founding shareholding partners, all industry leaders involved in production, transmission and distribution of electricity, infrastructure financing and climate change services.  Medgrid was formed to design the Mediterranean grid Master Plan for 2020, which will lead to concrete investment projects, and to contribute to the promotion of a regulatory and institutional framework to support exchanges of “green” electricity.

PanMed Energy is the only Jordanian company invited to participate as a founding partner and investor in Medgrid due to its rich experience in the sector.

Other Medgrid founding partners with PanMed are: Abengoa, AFD, Alstom Grid, Areva Renouvelables, Atos WorldGrid, CDC Infrastructure, EDF, Ineo, Nemo, Nexans, Nur Energie, ONE, Prysmian, Red Eléctrica, RTE, Siemens, Soitec, Taqa Arabia, Terna and Walid Elias Establishment.


Soitec is a  French company and a strong player in the solar energy revolution and PanMed Energy’s partner in Jordan and Palestine.  Soitec is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) systems.

The French company’s systems use its highly-efficient Concentrix™ technology, utilized at CPV power plants around the globe. Soitec’s CPV technology offers a number of advantages when used in hot, dry locations with high direct normal irradiance (DNI). 

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