Projects in Progress

PanMed Energy is currently implementing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Jordan and the region:

  • PanMed Energy is now in the data collection and audit phase for major projects to improve the energy efficiency of leading Jordanian educational, health and other public sector institutions; industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential enterprises; and major infrastructure, utilities and services providers. Client: We are currently working with various private sector companies in Jordan.

  • Grid Integration of Nuclear Power Plant with the Jordanian Grid
    Panmed Energy and Tractebel Engineering were recently awarded the study by the Jordan Nuclear Power Company (JNPC). TE is responsible for the complete integration study of the two nuclear power plants in the Jordanian system. The following aspects are treated: Grid code and Technical Framework, Planning, Operation, Equipment specifications, Agreements and Legal requirements, and Environmental

  • Electricity Market Research – Jordanian Nuclear Power Plant Project
    Panmed Energy and Tractebel Engineering were recently awarded the study by the Jordan Nuclear Power Company (JNPC). The following consulting services will be provided:
    • Description of the current energy sector in Jordan
    • Load demand forecast
    • Generation expansion planning
    • Long-term energy market scenarios and trends

  • Orange solar PV 32 MW owner's engineer mission Tractebel Engineering and Panmed Energy have been appointed as Owner’s Engineer for the Orange Telecom multisite PV solar project. The PV plants have the capacity of 5MWp, 6MWp and 21MWp. They are located in urban and desert locations and will be using both fixed and tracking technology. The plants are connected to the distribution and transmission grid respectively, and are designed to compensate for the local electrical consumptions of the Client’s local facilities according to the Wheeling regulation and Net Metering rules. The development phase services include review of existing studies and available site survey studies , conceptual and basic design, support with EPC contractor selection, bid evaluation and contract negotiation. Meanwhile, we support the Client with the technical aspects of the permit application process and the grid connection settlement – all with subject to reach financial close within the restricted time frame. In a second phase Tractebel will mobilise a full time site team for coordination and supervision of the construction and commissioning activities.

    APC JBC 26 KM Gas Pipeline Owner's Engineer Mission :The Arab Potash Company (APC) and the Jordan Bromine Company (JBC) are investigating the opportunity to use gas to replace fuel oil in order to decrease the operating cost of the plants and to construct a new 12” gas pipeline of 26km to feed the plants.

    Panmed and TE have been requested by APC/JBC for the Engineering, Procurement and to perform the mission of Owner’s Engineer. The purpose of the Owner’s Engineer mission is to monitor the selected EPC Contractor’s activities performed in accordance with the design documents, the applicable codes and standards, accepted industry practices and other requirements of the Owner

  • finalized projects
    PanMed Energy has implemented the following projects in Jordan and the region:

    Jordan Gas Transmission Pipeline Project: As subcontractor to technical advisors Tractebel Engineering, providing consultancy services in monitoring the Jordanian side of the Arab Gas Pipeline Project, which transports natural gas from Egypt to Jordan.
    Clients: Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources; The Housing Bank/Jordan.

  • Aqaba Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal: As part of an international consortium and as sole representative of Tractebel Engineering in Jordan, conducted a techno-economic study on the feasibility of creating a floating LNG terminal in Aqaba to supply Jordan.
    Client: Jordanian Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources.

  • Site Selection and Characterization of the Nuclear Power Plant: As consultant and sole representative of Tractebel Engineering in Jordan, providing all relevant information regarding engineering and project management in the area of nuclear energy business opportunities in Jordan.
    Client: Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC).

  • As part of a Greek-Egyptian-Jordanian consortium, PanMed Energy submitted an expression of interest to develop a 50 megawatt wind farm project in south Jordan.
    Client: The Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

  • A new partnership with Soitec (France), the world’s leading provider of advanced solar energy technology based on concentrator photovoltaic cells (CPV), brings PanMed Energy’s first solar electrical energy projects in Jordan closer to realization. Soitec’s technology is the most highly efficient and competitive solution on the market, offers the best design for sunny regions and is environmentally-friendly.
    Client: We are currently working on eight private solar projects in Jordan.

    On behalf of Medgrid, PanMed Energy performed a study for the electric grid interconnections in the eastern Mediterranean region. the study analyzed the grid interconnections and related legal as well as financial aspects.
    Client: Medgrid (France)

    ARAB POTASH COMPANY (APC) renewable energy project: Panmed with Tractebel Engineering (TE) worked on the ARAB POTASH COMPANY (APC) renewable energy project, to develop a 33 MWp PV Plant on sites nearby its production facility in order to reduce its electricity costs to deliver design, tendering and Construction supervision services for the PV Plant that would primarily be used by the production plant. The PV Plant was to be connected to the NEPCO grid through an existing 33kV/132 kV substation on the APC site.

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